Amity Chapter’s Open Meeting

Sunday, July 8 2018

On 4th June 2018 Amity Chapter in N.S.W. held for the first time a “Promotional” Meeting.  It was very successful with 5 non-member Visitors attending and one other who unfortunately had car troubles at the last minute and didn’t make it into the meeting.

Our Worthy Matron Sister Ellen Brabant assisted by Sister Margaret Standaloft PWGM did a Presentation on the meaning of our Star Points, with explanation of our Heroines, loaned to us by Sister Angela Sweeney (Capital Chapter), which was very well accepted and enjoyed by all present.  Also attending was the Worthy District Grand Matron, Sister Janette Wilson, of the Sydney District Grand Committee as well as Worthy Matron’s, Worthy Patron’s and members from 3 other Chapter’s.

We presented a ‘Flowers of Our Order’ Service, a song, as well as reports from our Social Secretary, Sunshine Sister, Birthday Basket, Favours, Responses from our Visitors and Closing ceremony as per the ‘Open Installation’ ritual.  Our Opening ceremony and Business part of the Meeting was kept to a minimum so that we could devote more time to our visitors and enjoy Supper with them after the Meeting.  These Meetings give a very good insight into the workings of a Chapter and enable prospective members to get an idea of what a Chapter Meeting consists of.  A very enjoyable time of friendship together.

(photo shows, WM, WP, WDGM, Brother from Masonic Family, & 4 other Visitors.)

Sister Patrica Baseley