Grand Chapter of Queensland first Outreach “Gathering”

Sunday, September 24 2017

The Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Winnie Mitchell plus 9 of us from the South Brisbane District travelled out to Roma on Tuesday.

7 of us went out together for tea at a Pub just a block from our motel on the Tuesday evening. We all met the Roma people at the Masonic Centre a little after 9am. We had morning tea which we had taken out with us. Then, Winnie allocated “offices” – I took my music so I got to be organist and the organ was lovely to play.  She handed out the modified ritual booklet and service booklet to everyone and we “opened” our little gathering.

Winnie asked me to be the “Chairman” for the service – I wrote it (by pinching it from one of Mom’s Canadian services!) And it went really well – all about “going the second mile”.

Then we had a discussion on the purpose of the “outreach”.

Roma was relieved to discover that we were not trying to institute another Chapter in Roma, so we noted that we need to be more clear in our communication. Then we closed the gathering and had fellowship and lunch.

The idea for some means of distance Members being able to retain current registration was first suggested by Sister Lethbridge when Roma Chapter was going into dormancy. South Brisbane District Grand Chapter discussed the concept but had not come up with anything that we thought we would be able to present to United Grand. Sister Woodfield and Brother van Moolenbroek in their term wanted to find some means of reaching out to these members, and to members in the metropolitan area who cannot attend meetings due either to lack of transport or lack of mobility. So they formed a working party to investigate the possibility and to devise some sort of policy. The “Outreach Branch” concept was initiated.

It has two parts: one, taking a “meeting” to these members. Two – registering them as “members” of an “Outreach Branch”. Not a Chapter. “Dues” would be nominal, just to cover communication. This would keep current contact details for these members which then would give them access to purchasing governing level documents and newsletters.

Now that we have had our “trial pilot”, we have a better idea of what we must do to formalise and document our ideas.

I have put photos on my facebook page, the Golden Wattle page and Felecity’s page.  If you wish a copy of the modified opening/closing ceremony and a copy of the service with the list of “officers” of the day, just drop me an email.

Star Love, Barbara Hartman – Grand Secretary Queensland