Hobart Chapter News

Saturday, April 7 2018

Hobart Chapter, No. 162, participated in St David’s Cathedral’s annual Floral Festival.

Blooming Church 2018 was held at St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th February.  The theme, Deep Roots, recognised the Floral Festival’s 50 years of bringing the community together and share an appreciation of floral art.

Over the three days of the Floral Festival many hundreds of people enjoyed the beauty of the Cathedral, enhanced by the bountiful display of floral arrangements and craft. The participation by the Order of the Eastern Star, the first such occasion, was welcomed by organisers of the event.

Hobart chapter members, Jan Webberley and Pam Sangwell, sourced flowers from many gardens to assemble an arrangement in the symbolic colours of the Order.  Promotional brochures were strategically placed for members of the public to access.

Judging by the positive reaction from the community our involvement was a bloomin’ success!