Mortdale & Illawarra Daylight’s Combined Meeting

Saturday, May 19 2018

On Monday evening 23rd April an Official Visit was held at Mortdale Chapter.   Mortdale and Illawarra Daylight Chapters were combined on this occassion and well represented by the members of both Chapters.    Worthy District Grand Matron, Sister Norah Mitchell, and Worthy District Grand Patron, Brother Raymond McIntosh, from the Illawarra District Grand Committee, were accompanied by Past District Grand Matrons and Patrons and Members of the District Grand Committee.   There were 3 visiting Worthy Matrons and 2 Worthy Patrons along with their Members.

The Initiation Service was presented and also a tribute to Anzac.   The O birthday of our Worthy Patron, Brother John Simpson, was remembered with a card and gift.