Open Meeting – Wollongong Chapter

Monday, July 17 2017

Wollongong Chapter No 59 held an Open Meeting on Saturday, invitations were sent out to local Lodge members, friends and family.  We had an enjoyable afternoon with our visitors; starting with a Friendship Service and then Sister Angela Sweeney explaining various aspects of the Order and What makes us Who we are and different to other organisations.  The Worthy Patron also spoke on the Order.  Everyone was in awe of Sister Sweeney, taking in all she had to say with such passion and sincerity – thank you Angela.  The Wollongong Songbirds under the guidance of Sister Jill Christophers made the afternoon even more enjoyable with their songs and introducing other musical instruments – well done.

All present were given an information pack to take home on the History of the Order, brochure and other items to read at their leisure in the hope they gain a better understanding of the Order of the Eastern Star.

We finished off the afternoon with a beautiful afternoon tea, enjoying each other’s company and friendship a lot of chatter and laughter all leaving for their homes on high note.

Thank you to our visitors and all who made the day a special and memorable one.