The Order of the Eastern Star originated in France before spreading to other parts of Europe. There are various theories about the date and place of its origin, most based on unfounded mixtures of facts and fiction. The most trustworthy and recognised claim is that the Order of the Eastern Star began around 20160812 Lidcombe - Groupthe middle of the 19th Century by Most Worshipful Brother Dr. Robert Morris, a lawyer, Masonic lecturer and Poet Laureate of Freemasonry. His objective for the Order was to associate in one common bond the worthy wives, widows, daughters and sisters of Freemasons and to secure to them advantages from a moral, social and charitable point of view.

Dr. Morris introduced the initial ritual, rites and ceremonies consisting of a ceremony of initiation and of five degrees named (1) Jephthah’s Daughter, or daughter’s degree; (2) Ruth, or the widow’s degree; (3) Esther, or the wife’s degree; (4) Martha or the sister’s degree; and (5) Electa, or the Christian Martyr (or mother’s degree). These five degrees represent the five points of the star, used as an emblem of the Order, and today, the Ritual remains little altered from his original work. To read more about our five degrees, click here.

Although initially created by a Mason, the Order is not a Masonic Organisation and is one of many parts of the wider masonic family.