Celebration of 40 years of Service

Sunday, July 28 2019

Capital Chapter recently honoured the achievement of two of their members reaching 40 years of service to the Order.

Sister Alice Dobbin, was initiated into Fraser Chapter on a cold Canberra evening on 25th July 1979.

Sister Angela Sweeney was initiated into Wollongong Chapter on 21st July 1979.

On reception of this honour, Sister Sweeney stated that the Order has been one of the most constant in her life.  Capital Chapter has been lucky this year to bring into the Order a number of new members.  Sister Sweeney hoped that those new members would also experience that consistency in their lives as they continue in their OES journey.

Photo: Worthy Matron – Sister Jean Gidley, Sister Alice Dobbin (PWDGM), Sister Angela Sweeney (PWDGM) and Worthy Patron – Brother Gary Sweeney