Chapter History

An initiative under the UGCA Strategic Plan was to work out the best way to preserve the History of the Order of the Eastern Star in Australia. The Strategic Working Party has therefore been looking at a number of options and it has been agreed that the best method at this time is to place Chapter history on our Website. This will provide a searchable function, not only for our Members but the wider community who regularly contact our Website asking for details of past members and Chapters researching their family tree.

The United Grand Chapter of Australia is therefore asking all Chapters to provide what they can in the way of a history and timeline describing the journey of their Chapter. Details for dormant Chapters are also requested if members have that in hand. Many Chapters have done a history book for major birthday events and this is a start of what is required.

The Letter sent to all Chapters about this initiative is HERE, and the template that can be used by members/chapters to capture history is HERE.

As Chapter history is received and loaded up to the website, a link to that page will be shown against the Chapter in the table below.