Campbelltown Chapter


  • Charter granted by the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland on 8th October 1977.
  • Instituted on 18th February 1978 as Campbelltown Chapter No 667 and the governing Level at that time was Parramatta District Grand Chapter.
  • In 1985, when The United Grand Chapter of Australia was instituted, Campbelltown Chapter became No 195 and remained under the supervision of the Parramatta District Grand Chapter.


Following an advertisement in a Campbelltown area newspaper early in 1976, the first meeting of what was to become Campbelltown Light Club was held on 22nd February 1976.  The meeting was opened by Mr Leslie King who called for the nomination of a Chairman and in due course congratulated Mrs Olive Everard on her election to that position.  In July of that year, Mrs Everard was selected as the proposed Founder Worthy Matron with Mr John Carmichael as proposed Worthy Patron.

In August it was noted that the Petition for the Chapter would be submitted to Parramatta District Grand Chapter for consideration at the December meeting. If approved, it would be before the Grand Chapter Of NSW in March 1977, and then forwarded to the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland for a Charter to be issued.

In July 1977, the members accepted with regret Mrs Everard’s resignation from her position as Founder Worthy Matron.  Mrs Louise Fraser was elected in her stead and ultimately became Chairman of the Light Club.

At its meeting on 8th October 1977, the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland granted the Charter for Campbelltown Chapter No 667 and the date 18th February 1978 was then fixed for the institution of the Chapter.  This was to take place at 1:30 pm in the Ingleburn Community Centre followed by a Banquet at $6.00 per head.  A thanksgiving Church service was planned for next day at the Presbyterian Church, Campbelltown.

The members of the Campbelltown Light Club worked tirelessly for two years, with many and varied enjoyable functions and profitable street stalls, to raise funds and obtain all the necessary equipment for the Institution of the Chapter.

Arrangements were made for the Chapter to meeting from March 1978 in the Royal Arch Chapter Hall in Campbelltown on the fourth Wednesday of each month at a rental of $10/month.

Several items of equipment including the first gavel (Sister Elizabeth Wilson) and Bible (Sister Agnes Carmichael) were donated by members and the carpet, some furniture and other equipment, came from the “furniture pool” operated by Mr King under the auspices of the Grand Chapter of NSW.  The Chapter name and number on the Carpet was altered in due course by Brother David Harrington PWGP.

As the Institution date approached, the Office-bearers of Parramatta District Grand Chapter and several “Stand-ins” (just in case of illness) were involved in many rehearsals so that the ceremonies would be carried out to the satisfaction of all concerned.  At last the great day arrived and all the rehearsals “Paid off”.

Brother Leslie King WDGP, always regarded as a very good ritualist, excelled himself in presenting the Institution ceremony as did his team of DG Instituting Office-bearers – Secretary Sister Edith Lyons, Chaplain Brother David Smith, and Marshal Sister Margaret Marshall.  The WDGM Sister Norma Coogan and all DG Office-bearers carried out their duties in the opening Ballot, Affiliation and Initiation ceremonies, leaving nothing to be desired.  The WDGM conducted the many items of business necessary to ensure the future operation of the Chapter.  Sister Coogan and the Installing team carried out the Installation of the Chapter’s first board of Office-bearers in a dignified and caring manner.

All this great work, despite the exceptionally hot, trying weather of the day.



















During the ceremonies, several items of harmony added to the pleasure of all in attendance – “In Times Like These” and “The Lords Prayer” during the Institution; “Each Step I Take” as the Roll Book was signed by the Charter Members;  “Other” to the new members following their initiation;  and, “Our Prayer” for the Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron following the Installation.  Thank you to Sister Edna Mason and Sister Joan Northcott.

At the conclusion of the evening Sister Margaret Irvine PWGM – representing Sister Marjorie Naylor WGM, and Brother Thomas Moroney PWGP – representing Brother Edward Loughlin WGP, congratulated all concerned for the work done on and leading up to the wonderful day.  “It would be their pleasure to report to the Grand Chapter on the competent manner in which the Parramatta District Office-bearers had carried out their duties”.  They congratulated the members of Campbelltown Chapter and wished them every success in the future.

After the excitement of the Institution the members continued to meet in the Royal Arch Chapter Hall in Campbelltown.  The new members becoming more aware of the principles and ideals of our Order and more proficient in the work they were called upon to perform.

However, by late 1979, and because of the necessary demolition of the Hall, a new “Home” had to be found and under the leadership of Sister Thelma Bull WM and Brother Aubrey Francis WP, the move was made to the Macquarie Fields Progress Community Hall on 17th October 1979. The Chapter was now meeting on the Third Tuesday of each month.

The Community Hall was almost an ideal venue as the hall was large and airy which allowed for ceremonies to be carried out “in Style”and the kitchen facilities were satisfactory.  But it became a major problem that the furniture was stored in a shed behind the hall and in very hot, very cold or inclement weather, the members found the physical moving of the rather heavy furniture to be a great disadvantage.  Something had to be done! Investigations were made into the availability of  different venue and, on 21st April 1981, with Sister Anne Huthnance as WM and Brother Stuart Jarrat as WP, the Chapter agreed to a relocation to the Thespian Hall, Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes.  The Chapter was then to meet on the Fourth Saturday of each month and Sister May Huttly, WDGM issued a dispensation for the first meeting to be held in the new venue on 25th July 1981.

Since moving to the Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes, the Chapter has proved a source of benefit, not only to many members who reside in the Homes, but also to others who enjoy the special spirit that this Chapter engenders in all who become associated with it.  It has supported the Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes over the years with many donations of equipment as well as funds, and both organisations have enjoyed a mutually beneficial association.  (Eat your heart out other Chapters – the furniture is put out and put away by the Handyman and no preparation or washing up for afternoon teas or our luncheon is necessary).  Many other charities, (with special reference to the OES Homes) have been supported over the years.

The Chapter moved from the Masonic Homes to St James Uniting Church Glenfield, on the 27th October 2012 for the Installation of Sister Vickie Jackson.  One year’s rent was donated by Sister Noelene Haynes in memory of her month Sister Jeannie Fabris.

The Chapter supports the following charities within the Church:

Bales of Hay – dining night every year
Campbelltown Support Group – gifts from Harvest Festival and Christmas

Sister Winfred Boxall has been the Social Secretary for many years arranging the Games Nights every month and a social function following each General Committee.  These efforts have been vital to the Chapter’s continuing ability to provide funds for its chosen charities.

As in all Chapters, Campbelltown’s Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons have enjoyed representing their Chapter at Grand Chapter and District Grand Chapter Balls, Luncheons, Dinners etc.  The annual Chapter Luncheon proves to be a highlight each year as does the annual Church Services in the FWH Chapel.

This Chapter has been supported by the membership of multiple members of several families over the years – among them are:

Ida Alexander and daughter-in-law Margaret Alexander
John & Agnes Carmichael and daughter Ann C Carmichael
Olive Everard and daughter Shirley Moore
Aubrey & Gladys Francis
Louisa Fraser and sister Joan Evans
Halina & Lawrence Hume and daughter Catherine Hume
Gwen Lloyd and daughter Hilary Lloyd
Leslie & Dora King (Honorary Members)
Val & John King and daughter Sharon Marshall
Ann & George Lee
Joyce Martin and daughter Robyn Fazakerley
Dulcie May, daughter Jennifer May, sister Doris Swan, and sister-in-law Dulcie Todd
Eric & Phyllis Nash and daughter Rhonda Reynolds
Ronald & Christine Plumridge
Catherine & William Robson
Norice Smith and daughter Merrilyn Irlam
Dagmar Stevens and daughter Ellen Vaughan
Ivy Voss, daughter-in-law Mollie Voss and her daughter-in-law Janice Voss

The members are very proud that in this Chapter are many who have served our Order by leading our Governing levels:

Sister Elaine O’Brien OAM – MWGM, WGM, WDGM
Sister Elsie Crocker – WGM, WDGM (Illawarra)
Sister Ellena Johnson – WGM, WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Edith Lyons – WGM, WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Phyllis Nash – WGM, WDGM (Bankstown)
Sister Gladys Sharp – WGM, WDGM (Sydney)
Brother Norman Coogan – WDGP (Parramatta)
Sister Freda Hine – WDGM (Bankstown)
Sister Valerie King – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Margaret Locke – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Shirley Moore – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Grace Nicholls – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Vera Ramsay – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Irene Gunner – WDGM (Northern)
Sister Catherine Robson – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Doris Swan – WDGM (Sydney)
Brother Leslie King – WGP, WDGP (Parramatta)
Brother Eric Nash – WGP, WDGP (Illawarra)
Brother William Robson MBE – WGP, WDGP (Parramatta)
Brother Kenneth Feltham – WDGP (Southern & Sydney)
Brother John King – WDGP (Parramatta)
Sister Robyn Fazakerley – WDGM (Sydney)
Brother Walter Fazakerley – WDGP (Sydney)
Sister Christine Morrow – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Merrilyn Rowe – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Joan Whyte – WGM, WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Delores Munn – WDGM (Parramatta)
Sister Heather Palmer – WDGM (Parramatta)

Honorary membership has been conferred on the following members:

Brother Leslie King (Instituting Officer) – PWGP and PWDGP
Sister Norma Coogan (Instituting Officer) – WDGM, became an affiliated member
Sister Edith Lyons (DG Secretary at Institution) – PWDGM
Sister Dora King