Nambour Chapter


  • Charter granted by the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland on 9th October 1954.
  • Instituted on 16th October 1954 as Nambour Chapter No 546.
  • Governing Level was the Brisbane District Grand Chapter.
  • In 1985, when The United Grand Chapter of Australia was instituted, Nambour Chapter became No 129 and remained under the supervision of the Brisbane District Grand Chapter.


It was a very wet day the day Nambour was Instituted, and the low lying areas were in flood.  Those travelling from Brisbane, as well as locally, had problems with water over the roads.  Sister & Brother Ramm, who lived out Maroochy River way, had to travel by tractor through the water, then by taxi to Nambour.

Nambour was instituted on 16th October, 1954, in the Allambra Hall, by Sister Crowe WDGM, and Brother Ferguson WDGP, and Office-Bearers of the Brisbane District Grand Chapter.  There were 25 Foundation members present.  20 Initiates and 5 Affiliates were welcomed into Nambour Chapter that day.  Approximately 150 members and visitors witnessed the Installation of the 1st Worthy Matron, Sister Marion Heywood, 1st Worthy Patron Brother Walter Dyne, and the Office-bearers for 1954-55.

Among the Initiates was Sister Elsie Whitecross, who was then installed as Chaplain, and the following year as Organist, a position she filled for 35 years.  The Chapter held its meetings in the Allambra Hall, and in 1955, moved to the Drill Hall in Yandina.  Someone who lived near the first hall objected to the Chapter and tried to disrupt meetings, before and after the Institution.  Before the big day the police were notified, and they kept a look out for troublemakers, so the day was not disturbed.  The CWA was planning to build a hall in Short Street, Nambour, and gave the Chapter the opportunity of renting their hall.  They made provisions in the plans for a room to store our furniture.  In 1958 when the hall was built, the Chapter moved back to Nambour and stayed in the CWA hall until 1979 when we moved into the Masonic Hall, where we still meet.

Membership in the early days was good, with 17 candidates in the first year.  In 1960, some members formed Maroochy Chapter at Yandina, and in 1964 Sunshine Star Chapter was formed in Maroochydore.  Membership has slowed down, and in 1979, for the first time, a Past Matron was installed in the chair for a second time.  Since then we have had a number of Past Matrons and Patrons taking office and following on.  Our Past Matrons are welcomed back time and time again, and we do appreciate their loyalty.  In 2008-2009, we have a first time Worthy Matron to be installed, and have more coming up. We consider ourselves very fortunate.

The aims of our Chapter are first to our Members, to be there to give sympathy in their sorrow, aid in their misfortunes, as well as sharing their joys and celebrations.  We like to think our Sisters and Brothers feel they have someone they can rely on, someone to turn to when things go wrong.  Sometimes things happen suddenly and we feel overwhelmed, not knowing which way to turn.  It is good to know there is always a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on when it is needed.  We also like to share our personal lives.

Sister Jean Brinkley – History 1954 to 2004