Donating to communities in need

Saturday, July 16 2022

The United Grand Chapter of Australia has recently donated $6,000 to the Mallacoota Community Health Services Centre who continue to assist their community since the devastating bush fires of January 2020.  Our Worthy Grand Secretary Emeritus, Sister Lorraine Ellison adds “I fully support this grant to an isolated community, I have had the pleasure of visiting and spending time in this community who made the decision to be heavily involved in their own recovery.  The ABC screened a 5 part series on the Recovery of Mallacoota and covered the excellent work the community elected Recovery Committee did in making decisions every member of the community could be involved in, through the opportunity to vote for the 12 projects selected as the most valuable to the whole community.  The committee of 12 was led by an ex-naval officer and included people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including a local minister of religion, retired policeman, young person interested in the environment and a local artist.  A local photographer recorded a lot of the progress and emotions faced by this community during this time”.

Congratulations Mallacoota, and we hope our donation will help.