Donations to the community by the Chapters of Australia

Sunday, August 30 2020

Uarbry – New South Wales

In February 2017 a large bushfire ravaged in the State of New South Wales destroying hectares of land within the area of the Warrumbungle Shire Council.

One of the areas totally obliterated was the community of Uarbry.   There was some support for this community from Government Departments and local organisations such as Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Blaze Aid.   The Uarbry Hall Association was devastated as they completely lost their community hall and had to set about making arrangements to rebuild a new hall.

The United Grand Chapter of Australia Order of the Eastern Star operates a National Disaster Fund from contributions received from the various Chapters throughout Australia, and it was decided that a donation of $5,000 be granted to the Uarbry Hall Association to assist with the building of a new community hall.

Efforts to rebuild a new hall in accordance with current regulations became unsuccessful due to cost, and from donations received consideration was given to building something within the budget and it was decided to proceed with a steel shade structure similar to a School COLA.   After various applications to the Local Planning Committee, approval was granted to progress with the building of the School COLA structure and the good news is that the Uarbry Hall structure has now been recently finalised.   The attached photographs show the completed structure for which the donation of $5,000 from The United Grand Chapter of Australia Order of the Eastern Star was applied and very generously appreciated by the Uarbry Hall Association.






Mallacoota – Victoria

$2,000 was provided to the Community of Mallacoota from Chapters throughout Australia donating to the UGCA Disaster Relief Fund.

Perth Chapter also donated to the ‘Mens Shed’.

The link below is to a thank you letter from the Mallacoota District Health & Support Services.