Goulburn’s Donation

Sunday, July 28 2019

Goulburn Chapter recently donated to Goulburn Public School. The money is to be used to provide disadvantaged students with clothing and footwear.

The cheque was presented by Sis Maureen Vavra IPWM and Sis Valmai Hunt PWGM. Others present were Bro Joseph Vavra IPWP and Elaine Hunt (teacher at the school) the School Principal and 4 pupils. 

Sis Margaret Ray WM & Sis Yvonne Quintrell Goulburn chapter were unable to attend due to work commitments.

Some time was spent talking with the pupils about their aspirations for their futures. The older lad would like to be a scientist and the older girl an elite athlete. The children spoke so well and sincerely thanked the OES for their generosity.

Permission has been granted by the Principal for the photos to be published by the OES on their website etc. Choose whichever photos you like.