Malvern Chapter’s special celebration

Monday, April 22 2019

On Tuesday 5th February Malvern Chapter celebrated the 70th Anniversary of membership in the Order.   The wonderful recipient for this special night was our lovely Sister Morvyth Goldstein who has celebrated this milestone as a member.   Sister Goldstein joined Manly Chapter on 2nd February 1949, and has been an active member of both Manly Chapter and Malvern Chapter, being in office for every year of her membership.  What a record!  She was Worthy Matron in Manly 1956-1957 and then served as Worthy Matron in Malvern Chapter in 2004-2005 after a forty eight year break as Worthy Matron.   She has served her Chapters in office for every year of the 70 year membership and at the wonderful age of 98 (nearly 99) is still word perfect in her ritual.  What an example for all the old and new members to follow.

Sister Goldstein affiliated to Malvern Chapter in 2001 and has been a very regular asset to our Chapter.  Morvyth is an inspiration to so many members and friends as she always has her lovely smile to give to everyone she meets no matter whether she is feeling well or not so well.   She really shows the ideals of a worthy Chapter member following the examples of the heroines of our beautiful Order. 

The meeting in February was a very brief meeting, dealing with the business of the Chapter and then with a short recess we invited visitors to enter including her husband Ross to witness the services we all shared making Morvyth the Queen for the night.  She had a lovely time with two services, with the Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Jennifer Shepherd presenting the 70 year certificate and the Worthy District Grand Matron, Sister Kathryn Mitchell presenting a beautiful bunch of flowers on behalf of the Chapter and the Worthy Matron, Sister Nell Johnson presented a 70 year pin to wear.  There were seven  Chapters visiting making for a lovely number of friends there to celebrate this wonderful milestone. We  thank all our friends who came and made this meeting so very special for our very beloved member, Morvyth.  At supper we asked Mr Ross Goldstein to help Morvyth cut her celebratory cake at which time she thanked the Chapter for giving her such a wonderful evening, one she will never forget.