Management of our Order during COVID-19 – 8 April 20

Sunday, April 19 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers


Following the recent messages from the Most Worthy Grand Matron Sister Blanche Watt and Most Worthy Grand Patron Brother Paul Smith I wish to alleviate the concern that some Chapter Secretaries may have regarding conducting a Committee Meeting via the internet.

If there is the need to have a Committee Meeting, the following information is provided by the Webmaster Sister Angela Sweeney on the most common conferencing products on the market:

  1. Skype – is probably the easiest to use and especially where members may not be very ‘tech savvy’. You can use it on both desktop and mobile.   There are some minor security concerns in relation to your login details being used for unsolicited marketing contact via email.
  2. What’s App – is not too hard to use, but there is a limit on the number of people that can video/audio at the same time, and that is 4. This product is owned by an overseas company so there are ‘National’ security concerns about it but for social users the risk is low as per Skype.
  3. Zoom – is the top of the market product with good quality conferencing and up to hundreds of people can be connected at the one time (at a cost). The basic Zoom programme can be obtained for free and allows a time limit of 40 minutes which should be sufficient for most Chapter business.   A number of Masonic Lodges are doing their meetings via Zoom.  There are ‘National’ security concerns about it, but for social users the risk is low as per Skype.  Please ensure you download and use the latest version of Zoom which does not ask you to connect using your Facebook Account.
  4. Microsoft Teams – is being used by the Government and will eventually replace Skype in 2021. Its data encryption meets Australian Cyber security guidelines.  It’s a little harder to use than Skype, because it has more functionality i.e. sharing screens, documents, presentations during a conference call, and it has an MSOutlook (Email) capability.  The public can use this product also and it would be a safe option to use.  It can be used on both desktop and mobile.   There is a cost involved to connect to this programme.

For those Members who do not have a computer, you can take part by ringing the computer user’s telephone number and having the computer user’s telephone placed on hands free (Speaker).

Your attention is also brought to the fact that scammers are also very active at the moment and the more secure the product used, the better.  If you have a computer, please ensure you also have a good quality virus protection product installed.

If any Members have queries regarding holding a Committee Meeting via internet technology, Sister Angela Sweeney is willing to come to your aid and we thank her sincerely for her help in this matter.    Her contact details are by Email –

Yours sincerely,

Worthy Grand Secretary