NSW & ACT Grand Office-bearers

Worthy Grand Matron   Sister Marilyn Auld
Worthy Grand Patron   Brother Joseph Vavra
Grand Associate Matron   Sister Rosalind Russ
Grand Associate Patron   Brother Gary Sweeney
Grand Secretary   Sister Del Yeates
Grand Treasurer   Sister Janelle Love
Grand Conductress   Sister Marilyn Robey
Grand Associate Conductress   Sister Deirdre Royer  
Grand Senior Chaplain   Brother Raymond Robey
Grand Junior Chaplain   Brother Ben Sweeney
Grand Marshal   Sister Kathryn Mitchell
Grand Organist   Sister June Green
Grand Warder   Sister Narelle Owen
Grand Sentinel   Brother Kenneth Auld
Grand Adah   Sister Johanne Ng
Grand Ruth   Sister Linda Rowlison
Grand Esther   Sister Yvonne Quintrell
Grand Martha   Sister Joan Gilmore
Grand Electa   Sister Maureen Vavra
IP Worthy Grand Matron   Sister Danielle Green
IP Worthy Grand Patron   Brother Ron Nethery
Additional members supporting the Grand Chapter team are:
Grand Social Secretary   Sister Pam Paterson
Assistant to the Grand Secretary   Sister Pamela Paterson
Assistant to the Grand Treasurer   Sister Joan Whyte
Home Management Secretary   Sister Christine McDonnell
Home Management Finance Officer   Sister Margaret Smith
Home Fund Secretary   Sister Lorna Dunkley