Grand Representatives Association

The Association has 2 office bearers – the President and Secretary/Treasurer – who are elected by Association members. The Patron of the Association is the Worthy Grand Fraternal Correspondent. The Association meets at regular intervals, ending each biennium with a special luncheon open to all Present and Past Grand Representatives, their visitors and all overseas counterparts.  Further meetings are conducted in the major States to allow members who cannot travel, the ability to meet fellow representatives and share their experiences. Some States in Australia have formed a Present and Past Grand Representatives Sub-Group to support the members in their local State area.

A booklet providing more details of the Association and the benefits of becoming a Grand Representative is available. Contact details for the Association and the sub-groups are as follows:

Present and Past Grand Representatives Association of Australia
President:  Maureen Hillman
Secretary/Treasurer:   Margaret Smith
WG Fraternal Correspondent:  Ben Sweeney
WG Secretary:  Mrs Elizabeth Taylor