Thank you from Mallacoota District Health & Support Services

Thursday, December 22 2022

During the 2020 fires in Victoria, the little town of Mallacoota was wiped out leaving many folks homeless and many without a job.  Our WG Treasurer, Sister Margaret Down, took it upon herself to reached out to the post mistress, Pam Estella, to see if we could give financial help to the community. That enquiry led to the Mallacoota Community Health Centre.  Ms Anne Mwagiru, Chief Executive Officer of the centre confirmed that the Mallacoota community were in desperate need of funds with many people still without homes, had little food and basic medications.  At that time, the UGCA assisted with funds, and they were so grateful to think that an organisation such as ours would assist their little town. Later that year the UGCA also send further funds towards Christmas for their food bank as many still had no homes and no promised assistance.

In June of this year Margaret reached out again to see how the townsfolk were coping only to be told that many folks still have no homes and are living in tents, boats, house ruins or wherever than could find shelter. Anne mentioned they invited folks in once a week to have a hot meal and get warm and just a general check-up and chat to let them know they are cared about and not forgotten.

Funds were required by Mallacoota District Health & Support Service to enable them purchase blankets, food, everyday hygienic products and medicines so the UGCA donated another $6,000.00.

So often we see these events on the television and in the months that follow we forget about those left behind to pick up the pieces.  Ms Anne Mwagiru would like to thank all Members of the Order of the Eastern Star for their gratitude and for the difference the UGCA has made to Mallacoota District Health and Support Service. 


Remembering you this festive season, a time for gratitude for the difference your organisation made to Mallacoota District Health and Support Service