Website Updates

Monday, April 22 2019

Our  website is fast approaching its third birthday!  It was time to revise some of the layout of the website and its content and you are invited to take a look around.  Of particular interest …..

  • The project to capture the History of Chapters is going well.  You can now access a list of those Chapters who have provided their details via the new menu option of ‘Our History’.  A lot of interesting items have come to light that are not necessarily related to Chapter’s themselves, so I’ll work out how to present them to you as I go along. (eg. Grand Chapter of NSW Agenda from 1954; “The Star” newsletter produced in NSW from 1934; and documents from the proposal to establish The United Grand Chapter).  Please keep your history coming!
  • As a result of a presentation made in Canberra to the masonic community, a document describing what the Order is about and its origins was developed.  A copy of that has been uploaded and can be used by Chapters to provide to prospective members who want to know more about us.  It can be downloaded at any time from the Members Area (Guides and Templates) and a copy is available HERE.  The details in this document have been used to update a number of pages on the website.

Enjoy !
Webmaster 🙂