Marketing Material

If you have developed material to market our Order and wish to share your ideas, please email the webmaster.

Pull Up Banners

The Webmaster has access to graphic software.  If you would like a pull up banner for your next event, please email the Webmaster.  These can be provided to you in the format accepted by most printer outlets (eg. Officeworks).  Examples of ones done already (with old logo) are below.

Contact Cards & Other Stuff

The following print on business card stationery, 10 cards to a page.  Add your own contact details, or your Chapter’s email address if you wish. Keep a few in your wallet or purse to ensure you don’t miss out on that important member enquiry.

These are stickers that can go on the back of brochures etc.  Formatted for label stationery with 24 labels to a page

The following are ideas of the types of promotional material you can develop for your next event.  These are PDF copies.  If you would like the originals, or need assistance with developing your own, please email Angela Sweeney.

Open Meetings