Report to Chapter Name & Number Meets
Parramatta District Grand CommitteeConstellation # 423rd Saturday 1:00 pm
Illawarra District Grand CommitteeNowra Electa # 1814th Saturday 1:00 pm except Feb/May/Aug/Dec (3rd Saturday)
Illawarra District Grand CommitteeMortdale # 364th Monday 7:00 pm except November (4th Saturday 2:00 pm) and December (3rd Monday 7:00 pm)
Sydney District Grand CommitteeMayfield # 532nd Saturday 1:30 pm except August, 3rd Saturday 6:30 pm
Parramatta District Grand CommitteeMalvern # 601st Tuesday 7:30 pm, except October 1st Saturday 1:00 pm
Grand Chapter of NSW & ACTLithgow # 392nd Tuesday 7:00 pm except March (4th Saturday 2:00 pm)and October (2nd Saturday 2:00 pm)
Sydney District Grand CommitteeLane Cove # 702nd Thursday 7:30 pm. Recess January
Sydney District Grand CommitteeLakemba # 112nd Saturday 1:00 pm, Recess June
Illawarra District Grand CommitteeIllawarra-Daylight # 2202nd Friday 11:00 am
Parramatta District Grand CommitteeHolroyd # 202nd Saturday 1:00 pm
Grand Chapter of NSW & ACTGoulburn # 941st Saturday 2:00 pm. Recess January
Illawarra District Grand CommitteeWoonona # 1191st Saturday 1:00 pm except 2nd Saturday if Public Holiday
Illawarra District Grand CommitteeWollongong # 593rd Saturday 1:00 pm
Parramatta District Grand CommitteeCampbelltown # 1954th Saturday 1:30 pm except December, 2nd Saturday
Grand Chapter of NSW & ACTBathurst # 152nd Saturday 2:00 pm, except October 1st Saturday. Recess January
Sydney District Grand CommitteeAmity # 271st Monday 7:30 pm
Sydney District Grand CommitteeWallsend # 984th Saturday 1:30 pm May and July to November, 2nd Wednesday 7:15 pm December to April. Recess June.