For all Members

This page provides links to useful information that has been contributed by Members.  These are NOT officially issued by The UGCA.
If you have anything to contribute, please email the Webmaster.

  • Hymns for a new Candidate  – can be printed, cut, laminated, and a copy given to a new candidate when they receive their Constitution and Laws.  Alternatively, the Secretary can keep a few copies to hand out at a meeting if necessary.
  • Opening History & Purpose of the Order – suitable for an open Installation.
  • Contact Cards – business card size.  Use pre-formatted/perforated card which you can get from Office Suppliers.  Print in colour.  Once printed, you can write your own name and contact details on back if required.
  • Song Sheets – A4 size.  Print double sided.  Can laminate after printing and use as hand outs in Chapter when required.
  • With Compliments
  • Personal Details Envelope – This can be stuck on the front of an envelope and its details kept by the Secretary in a secure location.
  • Administration Expenses –  The Office-bearers that receive monetary recognition for their role in a particular term, are asked to sign one of these as proof that they have received it and acknowledgment from them, of the manner it was given.